The Exploration Project

The Exploration Project: Studio Improvisations

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Artist: The Exploration Project
Title: Studio Improvisations

-THE EXPLORATION PROJECT STUDIO IMPROVISATIONS HAS THE FOLLOWING MUSICIANS, POETS AND ARTISTS ON IT. -Matt Posner- Poetry, Words, Computer Sounds. -Chris Peters- Theremin, Keyboards, Effects boxes. -David Tamura- Tenor Saxophone, Electric Keyboards -Hillil Hammer- Flute, Effects Boxes. -Yuko Pepe- Drums, Percussion -Rob Summers- Drums, Percussion -Sky Hall- Electric Bass and Alto Saxophone Scott M. Rifkin- Founding Member, Guitars, Synth Machines Wanda Ojeda- Cover Art. Derek Hirons- Sound Recording Engineer- at Funkadelic Studios in NYC. Other current members of The Exploration Project and or Music For The Free World Include -Harry Weinberg- Saxophone, Wind Instruments, Effects Boxes -Damien Olsen- Guitar, Effects Boxes, Keyboards, Effects boxes -Eric Henty- Painter of Surreal Landscapes and Potraits. -John Likides- Author of Infinite Sustain, Founditions of Meaning and Eros Triumphant, Guitars, Keyboards Past members who have played as special guests with The Exploration Project Include -Jorge Caballero -Gyan Riley -John Margulies -Karen Henty -Larry Corbin -Alan Alter ABOUT THIS MUSIC- This music is spontaneous. Each track was recorded in one take. The poetry was pre written. This music represents the complete recording session of that day; January 12, 2014. The track titles give the listener a guide post from which to intellectualize about the track or use mental imagery . -.

1.1 The Beats
1.2 I Hate My Job
1.3 Miami Beach Retrospective
1.4 Music from Japan
1.5 Dough Boy G
1.6 Subterania
1.7 Mouse Talk
1.8 Metamorphisis
1.9 Truck Wreck Dreck
1.10 Cedarius
1.11 Everyday
1.12 Jazz Theory Outtake

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