The Eyes of a Traitor: Breathless

The Eyes of a Traitor: Breathless
Title: Breathless
Label: Listenable Records

2010 sophomore release from the British Metal crew. Rather than crumbling under the pressures of following up a critically acclaimed debut and satiating their own creative urges to progress, The Eyes of a Traitor positively thrived, stepping up to the task at hand and channeling the weight of their own expectations into their songwriting. The result of this creative alchemy is the brazen heft of Breathless, a head pounding assembly of raw fury and cavernous grooves, militaristic precision and throttling urgency - it's cocktail of contradictions and contrasts the explosive by-products of the challenges the band faced in it's creation. Recorded at Reading's Outhouse Studios (Architects, Your Demise, Your Me at Six), Breathless sees The Eyes of a Traitor leaving their would be peers choking on a dust cloud, the album a persuasive showcase of irresistible riffs, nuanced song-writing and intoxicating energy.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 The Birth
1.3 Come to My Senses
1.4 The Real You
1.5 Your Old Ways
1.6 Talk of the Town
1.7 Nothing to Offer
1.8 Breathless
1.9 Crumble ; Break
1.10 Grounded

The Eyes of a Traitor: Breathless

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