Fifth Floor

Fifth Floor: Fifth Floor

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Artist: Fifth Floor

Artist: Fifth Floor
Title: Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor is the brainchild of Southern California musician Patrick Moore. All music and lyrics, as well as bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals, were written and recorded by Moore, then mixed and produced in his home studio over a period of seven years. The Fifth Floor is the culmination of nearly a decade's worth of life experiences, personal transformations, and musical styles. Ranging from soft, moody introspection to heavy-hitting headbangers, The Fifth Floor's wide variety, complex musicality, and pertinent subject matter is sure to please fans of all rock genres.

1.1 One More Lifetime
1.2 Control
1.3 Another Day
1.4 In Silence
1.5 Closure
1.6 The Line
1.7 The Antithesis of Freedom
1.8 Desperation
1.9 Crow's Nest
1.10 Bittersweetness
1.11 The Oath

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