The Flute Keeper

The Flute Keeper: Solo Flute Collection

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Title: Solo Flute Collection
Label: CD Baby

A member of the KIOWA NATION of Oklahoma and a member of the World Population. You have heard his music from his many albums and played by many well known artists from all walks of life. In addition to his well known Native American Sounds; he is now including in his new releases Jazz, Easy Listening, a Bit of Rock and Roll and even Heavy Metal all with that special something that makes his music so magical and captivating. He has played with some big names such as: Carlos Santana (New Orleans Jazz Festival) BB King, Paul Simon, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Mexican Philharmonic Jr. Orchestra, Inti-Xkee and many other. He has earned many recognitions for his compositions: Pendleton Happy Canyon Hall of fame, Indie Award Winner, Music Makers Independent series, LA Music Awards, and Award winner with his album Sacred Ground. His musical talent has taken him all over the world where he has presented his compositions in Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, England, Turkey, Russia and Greece. In addition to his musical talent, he is also known in the literally world as a writer of many short novels among we can find: La Sexta Carta, Cartas de amor a un amujer casada and Cocolixtle. In the USA he has presented his music and Musical Play (Memories from a Distant Past): The Happy Canyon, The Rainbow Cafe in Hollywood, The Country Festival in Nashville Tennessee, The Jazz Festival in New Orleans and hundreds of Pow Wows all trough the USA. During the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, his music was selected as part of the opening ceremony to introduce the peoples of the world and he was chosen to represent his people during the Cultural Olympics in the city of Hiraklio (Crete). In Greece he has played in many cities: Larissa, Lamia, Salonica, Bolos, Xefalonia, Rodos and Athens where he did his maximum presentation in the Birona Summer Country Music (Nikos Garavelas Country Music Festival). The Flute Keeper is currently travelin for his World Wide 2005 Tour making his home base in Buenos Aires Argentina, where he is working in creating a New Musical Fusion of Andes Music and Native American Sounds (TWO RELEASES ARE READY TO GO) - In life, there are those who build and those who seed and plant. The ones who build will eventually be boxed in the walls of their own construction. Those who seed and plant will harvest and enjoy the flowers of life for every season and more...

1.1 Alfonsina
1.2 Poseidon
1.3 9 Am Escape
1.4 Little Niki
1.5 Flute Song
1.6 Agapi Mou
1.7 Athena
1.8 Wind Maker
1.9 Cri Cri
1.10 From the Tibet to Arizona
1.11 JC
1.12 Marcha India
1.13 Sweet 17
1.14 Path to Life
1.15 Solito de Flauta
1.16 War Cry

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