The Four Postmen

The Four Postmen: Looking for Grandpa

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Product Type: CD

Title: Looking for Grandpa
Label: CD Baby

The Four Postmen imaginatively recombine subdued garage riffs, Kingston Trio harmonies, Vonnegut worthy premises and dada rhyme schemes into an effective skewering of pop conventions. [They] have the rare ability to evoke both heady laughter and honest musical pleasures. - L.A. Times.

1.1 Where's My River?
1.2 In the Pouch of a Kangaroo
1.3 Four Years of High School Spanish
1.4 The Lobster Quadrille
1.5 The Pied Piper
1.6 I've Gotta a Tan
1.7 What I Am
1.8 Indian
1.9 She's 17
1.10 I Wanna Dance
1.11 It's All About Me
1.12 Catbox
1.13 Baby Jesus
1.14 What Can I Do?
1.15 I Bought You Dinner
1.16 Rabbit Valley
1.17 I'm Your Man
1.18 Lost Vegas

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