The Frantics

The Frantics: Boot to the Head

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Artist: The Frantics

Artist: The Frantics
Title: Boot to the Head

Canadian Scheisters Whose Track 'You Were Speeding' Is Featured on Dr. Demento's 'Dementia 2000 the 30th Anniversary Collection'. These Silly Sketches and Musical Interludes Are the Product of the Cbc Radio Show 'The Frantic Times' and Were Recorded Live at the Toronto Free Theater. Features the Comic Genius of Rick Green, Dan Redican, Paul Chato and Peter Wild Man - The Frantics.

1.1 Piece of Pie
1.2 I Shot Bambi's Mother
1.3 Driving Chicks Mad
1.4 Poem
1.5 Game Show, Game Show
1.6 Bill from Bala
1.7 Poem
1.8 Architecture Today
1.9 Mrs. G
1.10 Worshippers 'R' Us
1.11 You People Are Fat
1.12 Making Love
1.13 Poem
1.14 Make Up Dirty Words
1.15 You Scare the * Out of Me
1.16 Ti Kwan Leep
1.17 Boot to the Head

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