The Gazetteers

The Gazetteers: We Are Here

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Artist: The Gazetteers

Artist: The Gazetteers
Title: We Are Here

The first thing that I noticed about We Are Here was the song titles: 'Perennial Fringe Candidate,' 'I Want To Be A One Hit Wonder,' 'More People Should Resign' -- all a bit self-aware and tongue-in-cheek. The second thing I noticed was the bouncy pop sound, located somewhere between mid-sixties AM radio and mid-nineties mail-order pop catalogue. My favorite songs on the album are probably 'Monkees '67,' a pop ballad about the pre-fab four's yearning for creative control, and 'Trapped Inside a Skill Crane,' a beautiful slower (at least, compared to the other songs on the album) pop song. Jigsaw compares them to Tullycraft and Jonathan Richman, two of my favorites, and the comparisons are solid. We Are Here has all of the sincerity & silliness that you would expect from either Tullycraft or Jonathan. Some of the songs on We Are Here also called to mind MJ Hibbett, who was reviewed here back in May - Side Ponytail.

1.1 Perennial Fringe Candidate
1.2 More People Should Resign
1.3 K.I.S.S
1.4 Monkees '67
1.5 Trapped Inside a Skill Crane
1.6 The Family Reunion
1.7 (I Want to Be a) One Hit Wonder
1.8 Dispatch from the Fair and Festival Circuit
1.9 Song for Len Righi
1.10 Contretemps

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