The Geraldine Fibbers

The Geraldine Fibbers: Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home
Label: Jealous Butcher
Product Type: VINYL LP

The Geraldine Fibbers' Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home is about taking risks. Carla Bozulich decided to hunt down what was killing her and rip it to shreds, unsure how but doing it anyway. She put together a great band. They were lucky in lots of ways.The drive behind the project was to burn up indoctrination and shame and guy-centric rock, and to have fun with friends in the L.A. scene. They weren't trying to break barriers or be the best, just to scratch their way out of the cold, cold ground and to make and play some fresh songs.The band for this record was Bill Tutton (contra-bass), Kevin Fitzgerald (drums), Daniel Keenan (guitar), Jesse Greene (violin) and Carla Bozulich (vox, guitar). Four bonus tracks include Nels Cline (in an alt-cover of Can's "You Doo Right," for example) and Jessica Moss (Silver Mount Zion) playing on a brand new Fibbers track. "Thank You For Giving Me Life." Minutemen and / or Pettibon fans, the lyrics of this track will ring bells!There are so many "genders." Many of her lyrics, in Bozulich's mind, are written and sung by a man or a genderless creature, just saying what has to be said. Girl bands are a great statement against misogyny in rock and roll, but it turned out that playing with the Fibbers, consisting of random gendered humans who strongly opposed discrimination, was also a beautiful solution-to simply play with the best musicians she knows, drawn together by pure musical magnetism and wanting to be soaked in underground madness and beauty.Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home was recorded by Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Beat Happening) and released in 1995. It is, in turns, tempestuous and tender. Classic country wraps up with noise, a crack-band and a singular voice mix like a twisted, American journey.

1.1 Lilybelle
1.2 The Small Song
1.3 Marmalade
1.4 Dragon Lady
1.5 A Song About Walls
1.6 House Is Falling
1.7 Outside of Town
1.8 The French Song
1.9 Dusted
1.10 Richard
1.11 Blast Off Baby

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