The Glass Hour

The Glass Hour: Ever After

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Artist: The Glass Hour

Artist: The Glass Hour
Title: Ever After

Blending elements of traditional and experimental harp atmospherics with electric progressive rock undertones, orchestral imaginations, acoustic electric guitar and, haunting, yet soulful lyrics, The Glass Hour is exactly what it's name proclaims. Listen - see - through new eyes, and experience the soundtracks of imagined times, imagined lives, and the living spirit of the natural world. 'Harpist Tracy K' plays various solo and group engagements in the Chicago area including gallery, dinner, wedding, and other events while continuing to record and compose in studio on new Glass Hour and solo harp orchestral compositions. Her style is ambient, atmospheric, jazz and world influenced, composed and improvisational. Tracy has joined forces with many other talented area Chicago musicians, including jazz violinist Sam "Savoir Fair" Williams and Avant-Jazz Composer/Director, Renee Baker as part of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project. In 2004, Tracy formed the recording project, "The Glass Hour" joined by drummer/guitarist Ed Nudd and talented acoustic guitarist Matt Schneider in creating the trio's first CD, "Amaranthine" - a unique harmony of acoustic and electronic ambience. After 2005, Tracy continued The Glass Hour as solo project, building upon previous evocative, and storybook atmospheres with added electronic orchestration, new vocals, harp solos, and experimental tones. Guitarist/keyboardist Brian Bradbury joined The Glass Hour in 2010. Guitarist Brian Bradbury has performed and recorded locally with industrial, electronic, and rock bands (Silence, G3) writing original music as well as performing with talented classic rock cover artists (Heartless, Metal College). Though not currently working with TGH, former members Ed Nudd and Matt Schneider continue to work on solo recordings, as well as live performances in progressive rock. Things we like: story tales and telling, the greatness of Imagination, dreams and all there be of ancient folktales, lore and fables, the oceans, the deserts, the gift of silence, the Leafy Seahorse, sorrows and life.... Artists we like: Dead Can Dance, Loreena McKennit, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Opeth, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Yngvie Malmsteen, Neil Diamond, His Name is Alive, Coil, Enigma, Delirium, The Cure, 80's rock and metal.

1.1 A Faery's Song
1.2 The Wisdom of Silence
1.3 Lament
1.4 Dust and Ashes
1.5 Summer
1.6 For My Love
1.7 Trees
1.8 We Shall Breathe
1.9 What Birds Believe
1.10 Remembering

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