The Grass Gypsys

The Grass Gypsys: Legends Myths & Fairytales

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Title: Legends Myths & Fairytales
Label: CD Baby

Two modern day storytellers, The Grass Gypsys, spread themselves wide throughout the countryside with their message of song. The vocal and acoustic duo's debut album "Legends, Myths and Fairytales" is an inspired collection of original works. Boston born, with backgrounds in jazz, rock, afro-beat and funk, The Grass Gypsys' music draws from their roots while presenting a strong folk element. Their songs contemplate the human condition, with touching lyrics of peace and love, freedom and their personal awakenings to life's realities. Live performances are intimate experiences, where Colleen and Justin's playful personalities come out, revealing true, happy spirits who engage and interact with their audience. The Grass Gypsys "Chasing Summer Tour" will begin October of 2006, stretching from Boston to L.A.

1.1 2 Colors
1.2 Just One Kiss
1.3 I Cannot Stand the Gloom
1.4 Country Song
1.5 Beacon of Light
1.6 Intention to Bliss
1.7 Down River
1.8 Well Song

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