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The Greatcoats: Greatcoats

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Artist: The Greatcoats

Artist: The Greatcoats
Title: Greatcoats

Despite an unfailingly positive resolve in the music, the story of The Greatcoats hinges on the power of youthful dissatisfaction. After years of being stifled by corporate life in New York and L.A., ad designer David Tenczar made the leap, breaking free to create music on his own terms. But not just any music. Soaring, hopeful, honest music - music born of creative frustration in the gray hallways of corporate America. Tenczar became The Greatcoats, and his freshman album leaves all complication behind, resulting in a humble and melodious 35 minutes you'll want to repeat again and again. The Greatcoats has been called "authentic" and "intimate," a fresh take on an old concept. You'll hear everything from keyboards to horns, ukulele to bells, and songs that evoke memories of simpler, better times. It is, simply put, feel-good music. Each song has subtle hints of 1960s British influence, but the overall effect is unfailingly modern-day American. The album was mostly recorded by Tenczar himself in his own bedroom studio, but the end product is a tightly arranged, professional sounding album, thanks to help from seasoned professionals in the various cities across the country where Tenczar has lived. It was independently recorded and produced in Austin, Houston, Los Angeles and New York.

1.1 Birdsong
1.2 Come Up and See
1.3 In England
1.4 All Over
1.5 Slow Me Down
1.6 Face
1.7 The One in the Sun
1.8 My Dear
1.9 Lady Lampshade
1.10 Stop
1.11 The Scarce Few

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