The Grilled Lincolns

The Grilled Lincolns: Raised By Wolves

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Title: Raised By Wolves
Label: CD Baby

A few years ago, a couple of mediocre college students started playing music together in a basement with no real goal in mind, other than to play music. Each person brought their own different tastes, styles, interests and influences to the table and made a pact to only play what they liked. A few years, hundreds of shows, thousands of miles, multiple recordings and no diplomas later, the band still exists, and has never stopped growing. The first song was performed in 2001, and the line up that currently hit's the stage first did so in 2003. Through extensive touring they have created a live show that doesn't adhere to any set of rules of guidelines. It's standard to hear a Rock song followed by a Hip-hop song, followed by a reggae song, then a blues jam, then drum and bass, or funk, or jazz, or any imaginable combination at a G-LINX show. They have wailed 70's rock solos in Hip-Hop clubs, and rapped about Drinking 40's in Biker bars and lived to tell the tale. Since the release of their first "official" full-length album "Raised by Wolves" in 2005, The Grilled Lincolns have become a legitimate contender in the East Coast music scene. Poised to release their Second album this winter, The Lincolns have only increased the volume of the buzz coming from "Charm City." Focused and committed, the group is ready to take their music to the next level.

1.1 Maintenance Man
1.2 Never Left
1.3 Raised By Wolves
1.4 Something New
1.5 Green Light
1.6 Pool Song
1.7 Lojong
1.8 Hit It from the Side
1.9 Musical Retirement
1.10 Pimp Fight
1.11 I'm Gone
1.12 Cadillac Funk

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