The Grins

The Grins: Coffee Grounds

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Grins

Title: Coffee Grounds
Label: CD Baby

When Lester and Lenore would turn off and on the lights during our jam sessions we passed it off as having a Crown Royally induced state of mind. And when a strange presence was felt and unexplainable occurrences happened, we dismissed it on the Crown. But when you heard the eerie tap dancing coming from the third floor of the 100+ year old building late at night, you knew it could only be Lester and Lenore. For the most part, they were the coolest spirits you could have. They loved 'Grin Tunes' and only bothered the people who they knew were untrue. They even hurt one person when they dropped an 80 pound disco ball on her head. Personally I think they were aiming for someone else, and she herself was an innocent victim. Wrong place, wrong time. But what was even stranger than sharing the crazy building with two spirits was the way that inside the Coffee House, three hopeless guys could rock and roll away without a care in the world. And the world didn't care either. And neither did Lester and Lenore. Through many hot summer nights and cold winter evenings, one crazy tune after another popped out of their collective musical brains. Because of boredom...? Because of need....? Because of Crown...? (They did have the best little Beer and Crown Wench this side of the Mississippi! She even Sings!) Hell, who knows. WHO CARES? The main thing is, great music is made to be shared with great people and while some of the tunes will be lost in the Grin archives forever, they did manage to salvage some fun recordings to share with You. Here are some original American Rock-n-Roll Tunes. From The Grins to You. If your friends love it too, they can find this and more Original Grin Music available @ TheGrins.Com Thanks for supporting Independent Music and Musicians.....Biff Cunningham The Noise Makers on this Grin Collection: Stevie J. Teeple - Lead Vocals and Booming Bass..... Crown Royal, Budweiser, Phillip Morris, Borris, More Crown Royal Pauly Koppel - Groovy Guitar and Funky Rythyms, fill in Timpanist, Morris Greens, Miss Budweiser and of course, Crown Sharon Clark - Vocals on Tolerance, over indulgence, and all around great help for anyone aspiring to fall down...... Guy Grin - Pipes and Skins, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal on Kotton Dresis, Screamin Lead Guitars, Squeeze Box, Labatt, Berl Whites, and most definitely Crown.....

1.1 Jamaica
1.2 There She Goes
1.3 Whadaya Doin to My Head
1.4 Remember When
1.5 Don't Be Dog'n Me
1.6 La la Song
1.7 Brother
1.8 Kotton Dresis
1.9 Wher Ya Ben
1.10 Tolerance
1.11 La la Live@The Coffee House

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