Groop: Expeditionary Twitch

The Groop: Expeditionary Twitch
Title: Expeditionary Twitch
Artist: Groop
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888295624664
Genre: Classical Artists

1.1 Meantime Steamrocket
1.2 Pressing Planetoidal Perambulation
1.3 Trip Drift
1.4 Stiff Stasis Still Places
1.5 Wilderness
1.6 Whats Hanging on the Other Side
1.7 Frog the Turtle
1.8 Bliss the Trippy
1.9 Preen the Fable
1.10 Hip the Joint
1.11 Tribal
1.12 Brad the Pretty Bad
1.13 Bradley the Pretty Badley
1.14 Bradliest the Prettiest Badliest
1.15 Dick the Meticulous
1.16 Dicker the Metricular
1.17 Queen the Pawn
1.18 Drizzle the Iffy
1.19 Did You Win
1.20 World of His Own
1.21 I Will Pull You Through
1.22 Tears and Sweat
1.23 Bit Bucket

Audio Sample:
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Groop: Expeditionary Twitch


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