The Hanukkah Jones Band

The Hanukkah Jones Band: Rodent Rage

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Artist: The Hanukkah Jones Band
Title: Rodent Rage

'The Hanukkah Jones Band screams creativity. ' Alex Elson, Columbia Missourian Vox Online '... full of energy and enthusiasm...' Columbia Daily Tribune Bass player John Heller continues where he left off with the Gringos of Missouri, getting help from guitarist John Hash (Currently of Memphis' One Wicked Dream, formerly of Memphis' Odyle), with Scott Walus (songwriter/guitarist/vocalilst of Pat Boone's Farm) on drums. The emphasis is on the intersection of heavy guitars, pop melodies, and lyrics that come straight from the heart without rhyming the words eyes and realize. On this recording, you will find 7 original compositions- 4 written mainly by Heller, 2 written mainly by Hash, and one imagineered by Walus. (Hanukkah Jones was one of Heller's hamsters when he was a kid.)

1.1 1987
1.2 Emptying Pockets
1.3 Most Quasi - Attractive Slutty Girls Are Names Laura
1.4 Park Bench
1.5 Jacques Demers
1.6 Spidey Loved M.J
1.7 Traces of a Truce

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