Hard Lessons: Start What You Finished You Finished

The Hard Lessons: Start What You Finished You Finished
Title: Start What You Finished You Finished
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

THE HARD LESSONS - START WHAT YOU FINISHED 7-inch single and full length CD 'Their latest & greatest' - Real Detroit Weekly?"A gift for fans" - The Oakland Press?"A hard-nosed return to Rock N Roll" - Detroit News "It's rock n' roll with a lot of heart and soul" - Metro Times Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 - By The Light Of The Stereo What is there left to say about The Hard Lessons? Husband-and-wife lead vocalists Augie and Korin Visocchi have been called everything from garage rock's next Jack and Meg to soul music's next Ike & Tina. They've opened for Mike Watt-era crust punk forefathers The Stooges, former emo-kingpins My Chemical Romance, and toured Europe with OK Go. They've been showered with praise by local, national, and international press and even been beleaguered by too-cool-for-school blogs and scene scum. They've been everything to everyone, while all the while staying true to themselves. Now after 10 years of sweaty, sexy, sloppy, tidy, bloody, pop, country, soul, WHATEVER, Rock N Roll the band has been reborn, forged in an image puzzling to the old guard but entirely familiar to the new music fan. Nothing is off limits in 2014 and inspiration comes from every corner of the record store, internet, dive bar, and stadium. With a brand new drummer welcomed into the fold (Steve Warstler formerly of Silent Lions and Mind Fish) and a new record created at the laboratory of Dave Feeny (White Stripes, Loretta Lynn, Thunderbirds Are Now!) The Hard Lessons are fitter, happier, and more productive than ever. After years of intentionally pushing boundaries by getting weird when some thought they would become predictable, or creating pure pop when some demanded they stay cooped up in the garage, The Hard Lessons have returned from wandering with a focused distillation of who they are. Stax-era soul jammed into the speaker cabinets of 70s Iggy coated in a sheen of pre-Fun. Format pop coming out like a cross between Mates of State, The Animals, Dusty Springfield, Mavis Staples, Neil Young, and Foo Fighters. Confused? Don't be. To paraphrase both Levon Helm and Mick Jagger, you get all of these different influences and you mix them together and what you get is only Rock N Roll, but we like it. From a dorm room couch to a boat in Paris, France We hoped for a seven inch and a gig at the Stick You gave us all that times ten Ten years of loud, sweaty, sexy, dumb, brilliant, in sync, out-of-tune, feedback-drenched, polite, rude, soft, bloody, loved, hated, celebrated, pop, country, soul, Rock N Roll THANK YOU Korin & Augie credits released 15 January 2014 Songs written by Augie Visocchi Except "I'm Bored" by James Newell Osterberg, Jr. Recorded and mixed by David Feeny at the Tempermill, Ferndale Except "My Kind" recorded and mixed by Zach Shipps A Gangplank Records Release: GPR-1018 All instruments with keys: Korin Visocchi All instruments with strings: Augie Visocchi All instruments hit with sticks: Steve Warstler Drums on "I'm Bored" and "Sit & Argue" by Mark Dawson Records manufactured by Archer, Detroit Artwork by Steve Warstler Assisted by René Granados for Nah Collective, Toledo Facilitation of many things by Chris Johnston for redspot management tags tags: liking things for a change long-haired dachshunds organic produce delivery rock vinyl records and beards. Detroit.

1.1 Sit and Argue
1.2 I'm Bored
1.3 Gramercy Riff
1.4 Start What You Finished
1.5 Mama's Got a Brand New Bag
1.6 Time for Us to Win
1.7 Everybody Always Tells Me That
1.8 My Kind

Hard Lessons: Start What You Finished You Finished

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