The Hermit Crabs: In My Flat

The Hermit Crabs: In My Flat
Title: In My Flat
Label: Matinee

Outstanding new album from respected Scottish act The Hermit Crabs! Recorded mostly in Boise, Idaho, the album features lead songwriter and vocalist Melanie Whittle in collaboration with Jeremy Jensen and Jake Hite of indie favorites The Very Most. Lead track 'Bravado and Rhetoric' is a tale of punk rock gigs put on by girls-two minutes of magnificent guitars, chugging drums, and ace harmonies and one of the catchiest Hermit Crabs songs written to date. 'I'm A Fool' is a pensive story of unrequited love that showcases crystalline vocals, intricate guitars, and excellent harmonies all building to multi-layered perfection, while 'High Maintenance' details the cons of a long distance relationship and 'Should I Drop You Off?' is a simply gorgeous tune with splendid vocals and a wailing pedal steel guitar providing a distinct country vibe. 'Tracey Emin's Bed' is a brilliant number about a depression that led to a scene similar to that portrayed in the celebrated art installation by the British artist in the song's title. The twinkling keyboards, tambourines, and rich percussion serve as great contrast to the song's powerful lyrics. Meanwhile, 'Stuart Murray' is a catchy, two-minute pop hit about another famous artist. It's infectious, upbeat, witty, and undeniably swinging and will be stuck in your head for days. 'Damage Control' revisits relationship troubles in a dark and brooding tale that builds to psycho string madness, and the album concludes with a quick, jaunty narrative of infidelity called 'Did I Tell You That...?' Demonstrating truly impressive songwriting, exquisite vocals, and classic orchestration, 'In My Flat' is the consummate release from The Hermit Crabs and another absolute gem for Matine´e.

1.1 Bravado and Rhetoric
1.2 I'm a Fool
1.3 High Maintenance
1.4 Should I Drop You Off?
1.5 Tracey Emin's Bed
1.6 Stuart Murray
1.7 Damage Control
1.8 Did I Tell You That...?

The Hermit Crabs: In My Flat

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