The Higher State

The Higher State: (Consider It) a Debt Repaid / in a World the Just

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Artist: The Higher State
Title: (Consider It) a Debt Repaid / in a World the Just
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

The Higher State is back with a new top-notch two-sider! Picking up right where they left off with their last full-length album, the group has dialed back their sound a bit further for an even more stripped-down affair. Both songs, one each written by band members Marty Ratcliffe and Paul Messis, are really shot through the prism of '66 as the group once again amply displays 60's-style garage moves meshed with folk-punk vibes, whilst as usual adding incisive and thought provoking lyrics to the mix. Mastered by Crypt Records head-honcho Tim Warren, the new single comes housed in a old-school, die-cut company sleeve with an insert and download code included. So continues the journey for the Higher State! "The Higher State are far more than a pudding bowl re-creation. They're a valid voice of the New Bohemia; Time bandits who have shared cokes 'n smokes with Gene Clark and Roky!" - Jon "Mojo" Mills, Shindig! Magazine

1.1 (Consider It) a Debt Repaid
1.2 In a World That Just Don't Care

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