The Hindi Guns

The Hindi Guns: Do or Die

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Artist: The Hindi Guns

Artist: The Hindi Guns
Title: Do or Die

Fresh off the release of this year's album RARITIES, which garnered FOUR STARS **** in RECORD COLLECTOR magazine, Portland's own outlaw f-ups return with an all new studio effort, the sublime DO OR DIE! REVIEWS: Hindi Guns "Do or Die" This reminds me of that mid-90s Stone Roses/Oasis sound. The songs are a lot shorter, though, which is just a product of modern society, of course. "Sugar Drone" is a splendid way to start the album. "Loaded Gun" sounds like a serious version of Supergrass. I guess the sound is pretty clear cut. "Blue of Noon" is another track that stands out. It has fun guitar. This whole album really goes well with a bowl of Cocoa Krispies and reduced fat milk, which you only bought because CVS sucks and ran out of the fat free. The album ends with "Rock Bottom," which has a '60s early Rolling Stones feel to it, or perhaps the Doors without the organ. Can't you picture them with shirts and ties and "long" hair when you hear this song? I know I can. With all the wise-ass British guitar and harmonies you would expect from this type of band, you get just about what you're expecting to from Hindi Guns. I worry that they would be boring live, but in the studio, this band can help you relive your Sega Genesis-playing past. --- Review by Joel, Joelshitradioshow KSCU FM -- November 22, 2009.

1.1 Sugar Drone
1.2 Loaded Gun
1.3 Vanish Act
1.4 Miles Away
1.5 Sabrina
1.6 Count to Ten
1.7 Do or Die
1.8 Blue of Noon
1.9 No Make-Believe
1.10 Rock Bottom

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