The Hipnecks

The Hipnecks: New Boots Old Soles

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Hipnecks

Artist: The Hipnecks
Title: New Boots Old Soles

Absolutely twangy, good old-fashioned American rock & roll - a sound that makes sense when you consider their name, a combination of 'hippy' and 'redneck.' Within that sentiment lays their genre-bending approach to making music. Music that is, in every way, firmly rooted beneath their feet in the fertile floodplains of the American Midwest. Rock & roll with hues of bluegrass. It is twangy. It is Ozarkian. It is most certainly Missourian - and there is nothing to the contrary about it.

1.1 Sni-A-Bar Stomp
1.2 Mighty Mississippi
1.3 Water Ain't Right
1.4 Trainstops ; Alleyways
1.5 Svata
1.6 Stranger in the Dark

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