The Hupman Brothers Band

The Hupman Brothers Band: Loveseat 2

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Artist: The Hupman Brothers Band
Title: Loveseat 2

The Hupman Brothers are an important Nova Scotia band to watch. Their original sound is played with superb musicianship and as brothers they play as if one, knowing where the music is heading and how to make it their own. Kim O'Brien of the East Coast Blues Society says, "The first thing you notice about the Hupman Brothers is how much they love what they're doing. Especially the front man and the bass player. These are, respectively, Ryan and Scott Hupman, the brothers in the eponymous band. Their enthusiasm seems to infect the audience and their bandmates, Caleb Miles on guitar, Bob Federer on keys, Mike Carroll on drums, and Ian Sherwood and Ariana Nasr on sax. The second thing you notice is that their music, while steeped in the golden age of Blues, does not strictly adhere to the standard Blues formula. You'll rarely hear a strictly- followed 12-bar Blues song. The Hupman's songs and arrangements are fresh, but with a hint of the swing/ragtime Blues guitar style of the 30s and 40s with their own con- temporary sensibilities woven in. Their win of a 2010 ECMA for Best Blues Album, and a Maple Blues Award Nomination puts the Hupmans at the forefront of a new wave of Blues artists on the East Coast. There is a lot of energy in the music of these new troubadours and nowhere is this more evident than with the Hupmans." In the past 4 years, the Hupman Brothers have released four albums, and received multiple award nominations through Music Nova Scotia, The East Coast Music Association, and Maple Blues. Winner of the 2010 ECMA for Blues Recording of the Year, and nominated for Music Nova Scotia Blues Album/Group Recording of the Year, their album 'Countin' Quarters' was released in Wolfville, NS on May 30, 2009 Their new album "Loveseat Volume 1", released November 2010, was recorded live off the floor at The Welding Shed in Port Williams, NS. Two tracks from this album ('Bobbleberry Jam', and 'She Got Mad') were semifinalists in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition. Loveseat Volume II was released March 26th in Wolfville, NS, and is purely acoustic.

1.1 Sugar's All Gone
1.2 Seven a Six
1.3 Everything's Okay
1.4 Walk on Up
1.5 Clawfoot Tub
1.6 The Bird Song
1.7 Lay Me a Blanket on Your Floor
1.8 Bless Your Little Heart
1.9 Scratch Your Back
1.10 Here Comes the Night
1.11 Caw for Some Help
1.12 Without You
1.13 Loveseat

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