The Hydrants

The Hydrants: Sycamore

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Artist: The Hydrants

Artist: The Hydrants
Title: Sycamore

The Hydrants are a New York based three piece band that can best be described by the almost paradoxical genre of 'folk-punk'. They have a sound that is both completley original and very familiar, fusing such diverse influences as the velvet underground, philip glass and woody guthrie (to name a few) to make a sound that is within a pre defined context, yet all their own. On their first album 'sycamore' (recorded just weeks into the band's formation), the three members (matt brady, lisa oliveri and john velsor) showcase fifteen tracks in which they utilize (on top of their guitar bass and drums core) classical strings, organ, piano, vocal harmonies and anything else within range of their hands at the time of recording (including their hands!). They capture such varied genres as traditional folk, punk, classical minimalism, psychedelic 60's rock, and pop; yet somehow incorporate it all into one unified sound without it sounding forced or synthetic. This quality makes their music both boldly unique and still very accesible. 'Sycamore' is sure to have something for everyone ranging from the occasional pop music radio listener to the die-hard experimental music fanatic.

1.1 Allegra
1.2 Dance Song
1.3 Trains
1.4 Gone Astray
1.5 Saw the Mountain
1.6 Lonely Day
1.7 The Explorer
1.8 I Am Go
1.9 I Hope You See Me Here
1.10 Somewhere to Turn
1.11 Piano Reeves
1.12 (Pardon Me While I Have a) Strange Interlude
1.13 These Noble Horses
1.14 I Don't Care
1.15 Goodnight Irene

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