The Inactivists

The Inactivists: War on Jazz Hands

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Artist: The Inactivists

Artist: The Inactivists
Title: War on Jazz Hands

Throughout the history of the world, there has always been war. We've had two world wars and one war of the worlds (starring Tom Cruise). There have been wars between countries and wars within countries. We've declared war on inanimate objects (drugs), emotions (terror), and living conditions (poverty). There have been civil wars and holy wars, yet some would still argue that war is hell. But those who suggest that peace be given another chance never argue that war isn't an effective method of imposing your ideas on someone else; they just object to the death and destruction that comes with it. But what if there were a way to enjoy all the fun of war without having to deal with the killing and violence usually inherent in it? Once again it is up to Colorado's favorite apolitical inaction committee (and sometime rock-band), The Inactivists, to lead the way. That's right - the Inactivsts have now released their fifth full-length CD: "The War On Jazz Hands". This is not only a call to arms against a part of the arm itself, but this is also The Inactivists first ever double-album. But The Inactivists don't want to be alone in their foxhole for atheists, they have conscripted a virtual army to help them fight their bloodless coup. Not only did they collaborate with Professor Matt Maher of the Mourning Sickness on one track ("Richard"), but they've included their first ever recorded covers (not counting the Xmas EP) tackling everyone from local legend, Little Fyodor ("You Give Me Hard-On") to prog-rock faves, Yerkish ("Defenestration Imbroglio"). But wait, there's more..! Not only are the Inactivsts covering others, but others are covering The Inactivists to add up to a gigantic unholy army of salvation. On Disc Two (available as a separate MP3 download with your purchase of Disc One) you will hear some of Nashville's least expensive songwriter demo recording services attempting to tackle the thirteen Inactivists originals on the first album. A completely inane, unnecessary and hilarious look through the dark mirror of today's internet-based music economy. There will be a rap version of "Vegan Zombies" and techno-take on "Can't Touch My Bump" and a string octet arrangement of "The Center Square". But it will be up to you, the listener, to decide which one is better: the original or the professional, and who ultimately wins: The Inactivists or Jazz Hands.

1.1 Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash
1.2 We Love You
1.3 The War on Jazz Hands
1.4 Vegan Zombies
1.5 I Fail at Life
1.6 Richard
1.7 You Give Me Hard-On
1.8 Keep Washing with Soap
1.9 Defenestration Imborglio
1.10 Can't Touch My Bump
1.11 A Hard Thing to Do
1.12 Press the Spacebar
1.13 Center Square

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