The Intelligence: Fake Surfers

The Intelligence: Fake Surfers
Title: Fake Surfers
Label: In the Red Records

2009 release, the fourth album by Seattle's prolific and sacred Intelligence. Fake Surfers is destined to change your whole outlook on Pop music. As with 2007's Deuteronomy, The Intelligence has employed in the Red house producer Mike McHugh at the Distillery to hone their edge to it's sharpest yet. The possibility of an Industrial/Pop music crossover seems as unlikely as a Black Metal/Country conglomeration, but on this album, The Intelligence introduces a whole new spectrum of sonic awareness cleverly buried under little piles of dirt, with glimmering specks of brilliance poking through.

1.1 South Bay Surfers
1.2 Moody Tower
1.3 Debt ; Esp
1.4 St. Barts
1.5 I Hear Depression
1.6 Warm Transfers
1.7 Fuck Eat Skull
1.8 Universal Babysitter
1.9 Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine
1.10 Pony People
1.11 Single Barge
1.12 Unessential Cosmic Perspective

The Intelligence: Fake Surfers

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