The Invisible Surfers

The Invisible Surfers: Till That Day

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Artist: The Invisible Surfers
Title: Till That Day

The Invisible Surfers have been tearing up the Greek and European music scene for many years. Their blistering mix of Punk, Blues and Surf has attracted fans worldwide. Several of their songs have been featured in The Mad Fabricators DVD Series and the feature film Hot Rod Girls Save The World.

1.1 Bad Brakes
1.2 Los Pilotos Esta'n Muertos
1.3 Burned Brain
1.4 Hey You Beg for Mercy
1.5 Down at Santa Marina
1.6 Lickin' Nipples
1.7 No Warning
1.8 Two Miles Woman
1.9 Got to Go (Leaving You in Misery)
1.10 O.D. from Love
1.11 Totally Satisfied

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