The Jayhawks

The Jayhawks: Sound of Lies

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Artist: The Jayhawks

Artist: The Jayhawks
Title: Sound of Lies

Echoes of surf and the British Invasion entered The Jayhawks' alt-country sound on this 1997 LP, even as Gary Louris (following Mark Olson's exit) stirred deep emotion into the mix. Unissued outtakes, alternate versions and rough mixes and the bonus songs Sleepyhead and I Hear You Cry join the Man Who Loved Life; It's Up to You; Big Star; Haywire, and the rest of the original LP! American Recordings.

1.1 The Man Who Loved Life
1.2 Think About It
1.3 Trouble
1.4 It's Up to You
1.5 Stick in the Mud
1.6 Big Star
1.7 Poor Little Fish
1.8 Sixteen Down
1.9 Haywire
1.10 Dying on the Vine
1.11 Bottomless Cup
1.12 Sound of Lies
1.13 I Hear You Cry
1.14 Sleepyhead
1.15 Kirby's Tune (Studio Outtake)
1.16 It's Up to You (Alternate Version)
1.17 Sound of Lies (Rough Mix)

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