The Jesus Rehab: Highest Highs & the Lowest Lows

The Jesus Rehab: Highest Highs & the Lowest Lows
Title: Highest Highs & the Lowest Lows
Label: CD Baby

The Jesus Rehab's 'The Highest Highs & The Lowest Lows (THH&TLL)' is a Rock Opera about a man named Jacques's inner journey through a dysfunctional relationship. As he sorts through past events, he begins to realize that he is the cause of his own agony. He wonders if this new insight will help him finally find peace, or if he is doomed to forever seek happiness in all the wrong places. This new album is a big step forward for the band. The band has truly found a vocabulary for their style of music. The recording process took over 2 years, and weathered many challenges both in and out of the studio. Lead singer Jared Cortese describes the effort as 'a labor of love, and, beautiful frustration' and it is very apparent in the music. THH&TLL displays both depth and approachability with pop gems like 'If It Feels Good It Is Good', and epic compositions like the title track 'The Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows.' Although this is a concept record, it can be enjoyed in both short bursts or as a 45 minute 'musical experience', and will keep listeners content as they explore the layers of this masterpiece. THH&TLL was engineered and produced by Brin Addison in Seattle, WA at Addisound Studios. This was the second album the band has recorded with Brin Addison. Their first collaboration resulted in the bands EP titled 'Scatterbrained' (2007).

1.1 Introduction
1.2 If It Feels Good It Is Good
1.3 Memories Are Better Than Photographs
1.4 Behind Closed Doors
1.5 Osmosis
1.6 Nervous Energy
1.7 Alone By Myself
1.8 Running in Place
1.9 Seattle
1.10 The Highest Highs ; the Lowest Lows
1.11 Reprise

The Jesus Rehab: Highest Highs & the Lowest Lows

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