The Jig Is Up!

The Jig Is Up!: First Steps

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Jig Is Up!

Title: First Steps
Label: CD Baby

First Steps is the debut album from The Jig Is Up!, Houston's newest Irish band. We combine flute, fiddle, accordion, vocals, and guitar for a vibrant rendition of the energetic traditional dance music and song of Ireland. After many years of playing sessions together, the band members realized they shared the same mindset, approach, and love for traditional Irish music. They have created a band that remains true to tradition, yet presents the music in a creative and entertaining manner. The Jig is Up! Features the flute playing of Larry Mallette, whose 20 years in the tradition has made him the band's resident musical historian. The band's fantastic fiddle player, Diehl Moran, provides both grace and drive to the music. Judd Heartsill's pulsive accordion and melodeon playing fills out the group's big sound and helps to supply the "nyah" in the dance tunes. They are joined by Matt Lewis, who solidifies the arrangements with his rhythmic guitar playing and lends harmonies to enhance the vocals. Robert Shaddox, with his clear tenor voice, is the band's main vocalist and accompanies many tune sets with the bodhran (Irish frame drum). Whether playing flute tunes from Sligo and Roscommon, fiddle tunes from Clare, or polkas and slides from southwest Ireland, the energy generated by The Jig is Up! Will be sure to set your feet to tapping.

1.1 Man of the House
1.2 There's Worse Than That Around
1.3 Willy Reilly
1.4 Land's End
1.5 Drunken Landlady
1.6 The West Awake
1.7 Haunted House
1.8 The Rocks of Bawn
1.9 McArthur Road
1.10 The Parting Glass
1.11 Major Moran's #1
1.12 The Country Down
1.13 Lonesome Road to Dingle/Star Above the Garter/Newmarket Polka
1.14 The Lighthouse's Tale
1.15 Sonny's Mazourka/Miss Lyon's/New Mown Meadows

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