The Kehoe Nation: Music for Livers

The Kehoe Nation: Music for Livers
Title: Music for Livers
Label: CD Baby

THE KEHOE NATION Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... children of all ages... step right up! Witness the musical oddity that is "THE KEHOE NATION"! This "Western Gothic" band from San Francisco is the brainchild of leader Bryan Kehoe. For many years "Kehoe" has been electrifying stages across the US and Europe, sangin' and pickin' that there gee-tar in groups such as, Jerry Cantrell Band (Alice in Chains), The Les Claypool Frog Brigade (Primus), Ministry, and Nor Cal legends M.I.R.V. Their self released debut "Music for Livers", recorded, mixed and mastered by the legendary engineer Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell, Buckethead), is an entertaining potent cocktail of country, oompah, polka and waltzes, performed with good ol' punk and metal swagger. By mixing the "ol' timey" timbres of a stand up bass, clarinet, accordion, and antique orchestral percussions, with "Rawk" guitars and drums, they have created a fresh new soundscape. The combination of master musicianship and raucus stage shows has made them a hometown favorite. "Kehoe is quickly making an name for himself, performing his technical wizardry on a cranked up Telecaster...the boy ain't normal!" Guitar Player Magazine "I have seen The Kehoe Nation, a Bay Area favorite, several times and have never been let down." Zero Magazine "The Kehoe Nation forge a sound that is bound to get them noticed, if not notorious. Catch them if you can!" The sound of this ragtag minstrel group will tickle yer eardrum, tantalize yer tympanum, scintillate yer stereo, vex yer vibrola and definitely set granny off into one of her conniptions. Bryan Kehoe-Guitar and Vocals Amir Zitro- Doghouse Bass Al Lucchesi-Contraption Cornelius Boots- Baritone Sax and Clarinet Rob Riech-Accordion Micah McClain-Drums.

1.1 Hillbilly Hardcore
1.2 Bee Double Oh Zee Ee
1.3 Ay Mama
1.4 Beefalo
1.5 Polka Yer Eye Out
1.6 Low
1.7 Naptime in Grownup Kinderland
1.8 Final Final with a Splash
1.9 Ants
1.10 C'mon MF
1.11 Digga Grave
1.12 123

The Kehoe Nation: Music for Livers

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