The Killjoys

The Killjoys: Naive

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Artist: The Killjoys

Artist: The Killjoys
Title: Naive
Product Type: VINYL LP

1991, this time it's on red, white and blue vinyl! 90 (on Kevin's insistence probably) and acquired a Rowland again sought to jump ship.. And lastly from Rowland himself these words from Mojo October 2001. 'There was no doubt in my mind that I was at least as passionate and angry and as from the else's thing.'

1.1 At Night
1.2 Recognition
1.3 Naïve
1.4 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven
1.5 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (Edit)
1.6 Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (Live)
1.7 Interview
1.8 At Night
1.9 Trevor's Sob

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