The Knew

The Knew: Pulperia

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Artist: The Knew

Artist: The Knew
Title: Pulperia

'Drummer Patrick Bowden seems as comfortable with rapid-fire cow-punk as with a syncopated shuffle, while bassist Tim Rynders holds down the bottom end with enthusiasm and authority. Meanwhile, the twin attack of Tyler Breuer's driving rhythm guitar and frontman Jacob Hansen's signature bottleneck style create a sound that's as powerful as it is melodic. Hansen's cool, confident drawl - which seems to channel simultaneously the spirits of Howlin' Wolf and Jimmie Rodgers - is the icing on The Knew's crunchy cake. In early incarnations, The Knew were often taken as White Stripes fanatics. While the band certainly shares some influences with Jack and Meg White, it's forthcoming debut album, "Pulpería," proves The Knew is far from imitating anyone. After two stellar EPs that gave us a taste of what The Knew was capable of, this 11-track collection allows the foursome to spread out and explore it's full potential.' -Eryc Eyl, Denver Post.

1.1 United
1.2 Gretna
1.3 Citytown
1.4 Purple Raincoat
1.5 Picnic
1.6 Neckbreaker
1.7 Still on Fire
1.8 Just Enough
1.9 National Icon
1.10 HLS
1.11 My Meridian

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