The Kola Koca Death Squad

The Kola Koca Death Squad: Kola Koca Death Squad

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Title: Kola Koca Death Squad
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Groupeez Magazine In a death match of blues-rock heroes, The Kola Koca Death Squad would stick it to the reigning champs, The Black Keys. Fellow Ohio natives, the Kola Koca Death Squad prove that Ohio is the center of epic scale rock-n-roll! The Daily Utah Chronicle University Of Utah By pushing the boundaries of tangled blues-rock, Kola Koka creates a unique type of innovation in form. This is a solid example of forward thinking within a classic genre, and though it will undoubtedly fly well under the radar of popular taste, it's an album not to be missed. Silly name, but the band plays great, dark stripped-down rock that is both moody and rockin', and somewhat retro and garagey. Surprisingly, it's only two guys, and they sound like four. The Daily Beacon University Of Tennessee Those looking for a Little Rock fix need to look no further than the debut album of the Kola Koca Death Squad... Kola Koca Death Squad is gritty and hard, but Brewer and Frazier aren't trying to look pretty, just trying rock your face off. Up & Coming Magazine At first glance, the band is innovative and inventive.... this CD, which, for the most part, rocks along at a great pace, filled with interesting lyrics and a solid sound. KKDS (there's my abbreviation, wtf?) is a solid effort from a pair of guys who have a lot of musical talent. Sea of Tranquility The Kola Koca Death Squad play garage rock the way that Neil Young and Crazy Horse did on Ragged Glory. This is 'plug in the amp and wail away' music... And that is what you will find on Kola Koca Death Squad, a barrage of styles that are played by guys digging the music they are developing. Aiding & Abetting Issue 269 They'll lull you off your guard, and then comes the ambush. And even when I came to expect it, I couldn't anticipate it...But those moments of terror, the spots where I wondered whether the sun would rise again, those make all the difference... it leaves one hell of an impression. Netfutur In a sense, the Kola Koca Death Squad takes the best parts of Johnny Rotten and Lou Reed, while simultaneously working under a psychedelic-influenced instrumentation... The Kola Koca Death Squad again infuse their music with an irresistible melody that just challenges individuals to stop listening, for even a second. Columbus Alive Assuming that the Kola Koca Death Squad's moniker was derived from the Clash's London Calling track ('Koka Kola'), what the band has laid down for it's debut full-length is a surprisingly far cry from the punk pioneers. Instead, easy comparisons could be made to another Ohio two-piece that similarly favors frayed-end blues and it's permutations. But where the Black Keys fastidiously adhere to rock-steady beats, Kola Koca drummer Colin Frazier's jazz background ensures that things are kept loose and nice, while Squad partner guitarist Mike Brewer riffs off the relaxed structure in bouts of both familiar nodes and scrappy spontaneity. With Jack O'Connor on bass on about half the tracks, Jon Chinn, who recorded the album, on organ on a couple and Evil Queen Jacob Sundermeyer lending his pipes to one, though, the Death Squad's more than just stomp and squawk. Indeed, the record varies wildly over the course of it's 13 tracks, from the country death love hangover of 'Sadie Gray' to the Grifter lo-fi of 'Power Condition' to the bombastic rock-out (replete with cowbell) of 'Power Stroke.' Through it all the Death Squad manages to forge an identity with paint-peeling blasts of white heat. -Stephen Slaybaugh.

1.1 Rising Son
1.2 Power Condition
1.3 Out of Tune with the World
1.4 W.T.F
1.5 Sadie Gray
1.6 Trying to Remember
1.7 Power Stroke
1.8 Cause and Effect
1.9 Girls in Action
1.10 To Whom It May Concern
1.11 Let's See
1.12 Long Way
1.13 We're Gonna Go with This

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