The Kons

The Kons: Work Party

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Artist: The Kons

Artist: The Kons
Title: Work Party

For a band renown for their improvisation and their penchant for releasing CDs of live performances, it took The Kons an uncharacteristically long two years to finally retire this album. Retire, because producer Spencer KON never really feels that any project is complete, as improvements could always be made. However, instead of tinkering with post production effects, The Kons prefer to try and capture the raw organic state of creation that drives our bodies to spontaneously move. With Work Party, The Kons decided to take a more prolonged and laborious approach in order to infuse the album with the essence of work life that the songs sought to bring to life: the boredom of office work, the sweat of labor, the muddled, muffled, and muted cacophony of chaos. Think of pain, blood, and shattered dreams commingled with the simple joys of seeing a beautiful girl, or taking a moment out of your dreary day to get coffee, that is the bitter sweet sensation of Work Party. Over the course of 6 years, The Kons have created 16 albums, with at least half of them being good. At the very least, each album has shown dramatic growth in experimentation, arrangement, and production. Work Party is no exception, and it completely captures the raw creativity of the band, while wrapping it in a palatable package. Rest assured, this is the most powerful KONS album to date. With an onslaught of powerful fuzz bass, oppressed drums, funky guitars, chaotic soundscapes, and dueling vocals, Work Party is a monstrously energetic album that baffles and beguiles upon first listening. As with most great oeuvres, Work Party presents a challenge to digest as it deconstructs and mashes-up genres into a new pastiche of electro-punk, which ultimately becomes thoroughly enjoyable and difficult to cease. Here in lies the genius of The Kons. On Work Party, you will find a beautiful ode to the beauty of the Retail Chick, a dace hall rant on the corruption of power, and an experimental punk rock rave up celebration of the coming weekend. Also, you will hear a tormented Goth song about unrequited love, a commute inspired dirge, and much more. Of course, all songs have that unmistakable KONS sound and perspective. By design, the repetition and DIY aesthetic of Work Party echo the droning nervous frenzy of daily work life; a life rich with traffic horns, congestion, screaming voices, and few peaceful moments. This album may make you want to kick your boss in the throat, to call in quit, or to jerk your car into oncoming traffic. In short, Work Party is not for the faint of heart, but The Kons are confident that it will resonate strongly with those who need to hear it's message.

1.1 Retail Chick (I Want Your Body)
1.2 4:59
1.3 Ready for the Weekend
1.4 Breaking Your Heart... Again
1.5 Worlds Away
1.6 Politic Don't Make No Man
1.7 Crazy Style
1.8 Time of Night
1.9 Bought and Sold
1.10 Drive at Night
1.11 Sweet Silence
1.12 Whycome the Man Make Me Work Sundays

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