The Laughing

The Laughing: Fever

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Artist: The Laughing

Artist: The Laughing
Title: Fever

Utilizing a vast array of percussion, bells, dulcimers, ukuleles, synths, clarinets, flutes, blankets of noise and lush harmonies, The Laughing adorn core song structures and melodies that take cues from the likes of Harry Nilsson, Os Mutantes, Jorge Bem, Silver Apples, Love, Roxy Music, Sonic Youth, 13th Floor Elevators and more for their debut full-length, FEVER. Borrowing from some of the production tactics of classic dub recordings, with a small dose of noise rock, The Laughing has constructed an album of songs that bears only slight resemblance to it's broad spectrum of influences, in turn creating something special and unique juxtaposing the warmth of analogue tape and vintage effects with the infinite otherworldiness of digital.

1.1 Elevators
1.2 Killer
1.3 Runner
1.4 Help Me
1.5 Diamonds
1.6 Pause
1.7 Fever!
1.8 Favorite
1.9 An Understanding
1.10 Watch Out
1.11 Silence
2.1 Digi-Pak Issue

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