Laurels: Keeping Tradition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurels

Title: Keeping Tradition
Label: CD Baby

Like most vocal groups of the late fifties, The Laurels opted to carve a rock and roll niche, they carved theirs out of the black wax of a 45. Something to preserve their sound. Something to show the grandkids. An album? Well, maybe someday. Nearly three and a half decades later, after a number of visits to single-ville, someday arrived. The laurels had stood ' The Test of Time '. Roots of there long-awaited albums can be traced back to U.S. Steel's National Tube mill, where McKeesport's Dick Muse labored with a friend of the manager of the city's R&B group The Condors. Muse would drop in to hear Lonnie Brown, Julius Davis, Eli 'Buttermilk' Sim, Junior Barber (brother of recording artist Cecil Barber) and Buddy Belton rehearsing upstairs at the American Legion, at the Swing Club, or at somebody's house. Those rehearsals were Muse's primer, where learned harmony and showmanship. Then came that night.

1.1 Please Mr. Sun
1.2 Ball ; Chain
1.3 Everyone's Laughing
1.4 My Mother's Eyes
1.5 Barefootin'
1.6 Heart ; Soul
1.7 Willette
1.8 The Sun
1.9 Cold Feet
1.10 For Your Love
1.11 Something's Got a Hold on Me
1.12 Truthfully
1.13 Lundy Dundy
1.14 Time Can Make You Change
1.15 Crying in the Chapel
1.16 Sweet Was the Wine
1.17 You Beat Me to the Punch
1.18 I Know, I Know
1.19 Never Let Me Go
1.20 Rhythm
1.21 Don't Just Stand There
1.22 Honey I Love You
1.23 When I'm with You

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