The Legs

The Legs: Aaaa the New Memphis Legs

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Legs

Title: Aaaa the New Memphis Legs
Label: Goner Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Archive release containing blood and beer-encrusted recordings from the epochal year 2000: Once mammoth Texas guitar noisemaker James Arthur moved from Los Angeles to Memphis and began hanging out with local roustabout Eric Oblivian Friedl, The Legs were inevitable. The two filled their days drinking whiskey and beer, searching for pinball machines, riding mountain bikes through broken glass and rabid-dog-filled uncharted alleys, and enjoying spontaneous dance parties which mostly consisted of wearing out copies of the 'Quick Joey Small' 45. When they could be bothered to actually play music, they jammed away on a chord or three. All this time, drummer Forrest Hewes of Oxford, Mississippi's Neckbones was quietly living a few blocks away from Friedl; once his massive drums were planted behind their wall of scuzz, The Legs knew they had truly arrived.

1.1 Drunk
1.2 (Let's) Do the Legs
1.3 I Want Love
1.4 Driving Me Insane
1.5 Been Kinda Lost
1.6 You Won't Get Me
1.7 Bill Dakota Knows
1.8 Wild About You
1.9 Doin' It Too Hard

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