The Lindsay: Deep in the Queue

The Lindsay: Deep in the Queue
Title: Deep in the Queue
Label: Revolver
Product Type: VINYL LP

Even in Columbus, Ohio, where it's hard to spit without hitting an independent musician who is carving out a luxuriously hardscrabble existence, The Lindsay are an anomaly. They're nowhere near as experimental or lo-fidelity as one might imagine-in fact, of all the bands living in Columbus, The Lindsay ply closest to actual "rock music." Deep in the Queue is a uniquely American album: inventive and complex, full of sonically robust riffs and feedback, but underneath it all there's a very terrestrial base. While the band describes it as "R.E.M. moving from Murmur to Reckoning," in the epic moments of "Bang a Left" and "Power Auger" are arena-ready blasts resembling those transcendent epiphanies that came in 10th grade, wearing a cassette of Siamese Dream thin in the dashboard deck. Or maybe even Wings in the pomp and piano that comes to the surface of finale "Don't Get Uptight." at the heart, Deep in the Queue is a tried-and-true guitar record. Whether it's post-grunge, heady psych, shoegaze, the cosmic "blues-not-blues" of the "Napkin Song" or the unlikely Wipers-esque punk charge of "I'm a Wreck," the guitars remain the prominent voice. Just sit back and enjoy the chemistry... and get deep in the queue.

1.1 Some of Your Friends
1.2 Power Auger
1.3 Napkin
1.4 Can't Wait 4 Space
1.5 Bang a Left
1.6 I'm a Wreck
1.7 Your Supply
1.8 Don't Get Uptight
2.1 Some of Your Friends
2.2 Power Auger
2.3 Napkin
2.4 Can't Wait 4 Space
2.5 Bang a Left
2.6 I'm a Wreck
2.7 Your Supply
2.8 Don't Get Uptight

The Lindsay: Deep in the Queue

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