The Liquid Karma Band: Liquid Karma

The Liquid Karma Band: Liquid Karma
Title: Liquid Karma
Label: CD Baby

This is Liquid Karma, the classic album of The Liquid Karma Band. Members of the band were Scott Geary (vocals), Greg \'The Skull\' Dickens (drums), Jeff Earl Samford (Bass) and Jimi Whitmore (guitar). Recorded in the late 90s at the Power Station on the island of Okinawa, Japan. This CD shows excellent slide guitar work with a biker flair, thundering drums that rival Motley Crue\'s Tommy Lee, and great vocals. Featured guest on keys was Robert (Hollywood) Baker. Songs are all owned and copy written by the original members, Greg Dickens, Jimi Whitmore, Scott Geary and Jeff Earl Samford. Liquid Karma was formed in 1994 on the island of Okinawa, Japan. In the beginning they played to military audiences, then as their influence on the island music scene began spreading, they began playing to Japanese audiences and ultimately ended up playing better and better venues. Disclaimer: Jeff Earl Samford and JES Entertainment were in collaboration with other copy writes in the making of this record. Claims otherwise are false. All proceeds from this recording not associated with JES Entertainment will be forwarded to the appropriate copy write.

1.1 It's Alright
1.2 Get Me
1.3 D-Major Boos
1.4 Can't Stop Talkin
1.5 If I Could
1.6 Love Game
1.7 Foreign Land
1.8 Evil in Mind

The Liquid Karma Band: Liquid Karma

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