The Living Legends

The Living Legends: Creative Differences

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Product Type: CD

Artist: The Living Legends
Title: Creative Differences

The Living Legends are a "loose collective of MCs and DJs from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Japan, and Europe" featuring artists: Sunspot Jonz, Murz, the Grouch, Eligh, Scarub, Bicasso and Aesop. After a couple of busy years and numerous solo endeavors and several national tours, the Legends reground to give fans what they have been waiting for, their newest album CREATIVE DIFFERENCES. Includes bonus disc LEGENDS 101 featuring past songs and fan favorites from all the Legends members.

1.1 Crative Differences
1.2 Fill My Drink Up
1.3 Addicted
1.4 Time to Ride
1.5 Days Go By
1.6 Damn It Feels Good
1.7 Awakening
1.8 Get in Your Soul
1.9 No Strings
1.10 It Might Be You
1.11 Real Slow the Fast Way
1.12 Whatizit?
1.13 How You Take It
1.14 Trust Me ?
1.15 Friends Are Calling
1.16 Hold Your Own
1.17 Aspirations
2.1 Voices
2.2 Depth's of Survival
2.3 Simple Man
2.4 24 Hours with a G
2.5 Coincedence
2.6 When Opportunity Knocks
2.7 Wishful Thinking
2.8 Be Eye See
2.9 Gotta Question for Ya
2.10 Dirty Faces
2.11 If I Do
2.12 Murs Rules the World
2.13 Nightlife
2.14 Mercury Rising
2.15 Savy Traveler
2.16 The Next
2.17 Love My Life
2.18 Wish You a Good Day

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