The Locust

The Locust: Green

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Artist: The Locust

Artist: The Locust
Title: Green
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The second in a series of EPs by Mark Van Hoen's Locust project. Continuing in the vein of Mark's signature interpretation of techno, GREEN also has a few other surprises in store for us including an only slightly glossier vibe this time around without compromising the heavy-hitting dance floor anthems. Special mention of the final track "Arch Enemy" which immediately reminds us of why we are enamored with the work of Locust in the first place. Ongoing stunning artwork by Paul Nicholson as well (designer of the new Locust logo as well as a history of other groundbreaking artwork in his repertoire).

1.1 Promise
1.2 Staircase
1.3 Spirit
1.4 Arch Enemy

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