The Lost Children of Babylon

The Lost Children of Babylon: Words From The Duat: The Book Of Anubis

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Product Type: CD

Title: Words From The Duat: The Book Of Anubis
Label: Babygrande Records

This album is one of a kind and a great breathe of fresh air from the typical brainless mediocre ganksta rap. If your a fan of Jedi Mind's Psycho-social, you should definitely get into the Lost Children. Babygrande. 2006.

1.1 Intro - the Lost Children of Babylon
1.2 Distant Traveller
1.3 Temples of Abydos
1.4 Jesus Found in Egipt - the Lost Children of Babylon, Childs, R
1.5 Souls of the Etherians
1.6 Chosen Children
1.7 Where Every Breath Is a Prayer
1.8 Egiptian Intuition
1.9 Valley of the Kings
1.10 The Rising Force
1.11 The Missing Link
1.12 Arabian Knights
1.13 Warriors of Virtue
1.14 Immortal Egipt
1.15 Duel of the Fates

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