The Lost Safari Drummers

The Lost Safari Drummers: Lost Safari Drummers

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Title: Lost Safari Drummers
Label: CD Baby

THE LOST SAFARI DRUMMERS The word SAFARI was coined by the explorer Sir Richard Burton from the Arabic word meaning "to journey" WE ARE ON A JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF RHYTHM INTO THE SPIRIT OF THE DRUM INTO THE CELEBRATION THAT UNIFIES... INTO THE HEARTBEAT OF LIFE!! The Lost Safari Drummers are inspired by the rhythms of West Africa: rhythms from Nigeria, Gambia, Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, and rhythms that were carried to and evolved in Trinidad, Cuba, Haiti, and Brazil. THE VOICES Jun Jun: a two-headed bass drum played with a mallet. Djembe: a goblet shaped drum with a bright sound from a goat skin head. The lead drum. Ashiko: a deeper shaped conical drum with deer skin or cow hide. The freedom drum. Shekeres (rattles), Agogo and Gankogui (double toned bells), Cow bells and Claves round out the sound. SPEAK Each drum has it's own voice in the musical arrangement and it is this interplay that creates the polyrhythmic groove. ? D R U M T A L K ? Trained initially under the tutelage of Mr. Gordy Ryan, a 20 year veteran of Babatundi Olatumji's world renowned Drums of Passion, the Lost Safari Drummers emerged innocently enough from the jungle of rhythm and drumming workshops and performed for the first time on Earth Day 1990. In the ensuing years, training from additional masters of the art has greatly expanded the repertoire. The group is made up of community members from many walks of life, with the common goal of promoting unity through rhythm, and keeping the traditions of African Drumming alive. It is a true ensemble in the sense that playing these African polyrhythms requires the collective interaction of the entire group. The ensemble performs at celebratory events and festivals including annually at the SFCC Spring Arts Festival. WE ARE GRATEFUL TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KEEP THE SPIRIT OF THE DRUM "ALIVE"

1.1 Fanga
1.2 Jewe
1.3 Samba
1.4 Ibo
1.5 Highlife
1.6 Watusi
1.7 Sinte'
1.8 Rhumba
1.9 Party
1.10 Island Grooves
1.11 Yembela
1.12 Primativo

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