The Lovenotes

The Lovenotes: Early Years

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Lovenotes

Title: Early Years
Label: CD Baby

It all started back in 1986, the year of the tiger, when Mike and Ben were born in Maryland. Soon after, when Rob and Andy were hatched in nearby Pennsylvania, the pieces were in place for the greatest band ever. Twenty years later, destiny had drawn our four protagonists to the U. of Pitt, where they would unwittingly meet. Rob was an upstanding young garbage man, keeping the street clean from litter and crime. One day on a routine pickup, he came across a man on the street down on his luck. 'Hey there man, can you help me out? I just need a little to get me back on my feet...'. Rob replied, 'What's your name stranger?', and the beddraggled miscreant mumbled, 'I believe it's Mike...let's be friends.' Rob complied and they became friends. One day while jump roping, Rob and Mike heard a beautiful noise coming from across the playground. It was a young mustached body builder, play a golden guitar and wearing a shirt that was way too tight. Rob and Mikey wandered over and introduced themselves. 'Hi, I'm Benjammin', but my friends call me, Ben. Do you like music, because if you do, we could play in a band.' That was a little weird, but Mike and Rob casually agreed. After one 15 minute practice, it was obvious that something was missing from the sound. It just wasn't twangy enough. 'Wait, I got an idear!' shouted Ben in his angelic voice that makes women melt like dark chocolate in a microwave. After some huddled whisperings the band spread out to find another member. The search was failure and the team ended up depressed and hopeless, ready to give up. Just then a curly haired man with a thick lumberjack beard came up and asked the boys if they were looking for a good laptop. 'Hey dere sonnies, if you want a nice machine, I got yer laptop right here, the Armstrong Pro 1.01. Better than anything on the market!' 'We don't need a computer, we need a musician!' snarled Rob angrily in his frustration. 'Oh, well I also do that too. My names Andy and music makes me wacky.' With that, a super group with a musical style as eclectic as it's members was born. Attempting to find a name that captured the shared passion for music and desire to spread joy to the world, the band decided on 'Harriet Tubman Rocks', but thought that was a little too long and possibly controversial, so Lovenotes was chosen as the next best option. Now 'the Early Years' is just waiting to tickle your ear sockets, and the band continues to perform around the greater Pittsburgh area. We hope you enjoy our melodic musings!

1.1 Lovenotes Theme
1.2 Mangos
1.3 Autumn Blues
1.4 Sleep
1.5 Rain Roof Tap
1.6 Hip
1.7 Jonesin' for Some Beans (Pockets Fulla' Dough)
1.8 TN
1.9 Apple of My Eye
1.10 Lovenotes Theme (Reprise)
1.11 Pittsburgh Rain
1.12 Finer Things
1.13 Paradise in Co
1.14 Wait, I'm the Union
1.15 My Hope

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