The Marketts: The Batman Theme

The Marketts: The Batman Theme
Title: The Batman Theme
Label: Collectables

These '60s surf-rockers-formed by producer Joe Saraceno (Bobby Vee, Ventures, Martin Denny)-took their own version of the Batman Theme into the Top 20 in 1966. Their album of the same name was a hit, too, filled with surf-guitar leads, eerie organ sounds and Caped Crusader homages like Bat Cave; the Joker; the Cat Woman; the Penguin; Batmobile, and more!

1.1 Batman Theme
1.2 Bat Cave
1.3 Robin the Boy Wonder
1.4 Bat Signal
1.5 Batmobile
1.6 Joker
1.7 Penguin
1.8 Bat (Dance)
1.9 Dr. Death
1.10 Riddler
1.11 Bat Cape
1.12 Cat Woman

The Marketts: The Batman Theme

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