The Matches

The Matches: A Band In Hope

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Matches

Artist: The Matches
Title: A Band In Hope

The new release from Oakland, Ca's Matches is the sonic showcase the band has always deserved, matching their intense, sardonic and infectious songs with ambitious arrangements that recall the studiocraft of the 70s. One of Alternative Press's most anticipated albums of 2008.

1.1 Am Tilts
1.2 Their City
1.3 Wake the Sun
1.4 Darkness Rising
1.5 To Build a Mountain
1.6 We Are One
1.7 Point Me Toward the Morning
1.8 From 24C
1.9 Clouds Crash
1.10 Betweens Halloweens
1.11 If I Were You
1.12 Future Tense
1.13 Yankee in a Chip Shop
1.14 Proctor RD

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