The Matchmakers: Words of Love

The Matchmakers: Words of Love
Title: Words of Love
Label: CD Baby

This CD showcases the talents of a selection of Australian poets. Jan is the voice that carries their words to your ears with clarity and feeling. These poets receive royalties from the sale of this CD. The poems express different facets of love. The especially composed music from Australian composers enhances the mood of each poem. 'It's captivating', 'It's emotional', 'It is so diverse' JAN COCKS - Began acting roles at the Q Theatre in the 1970s. She is happily married to Graham, since 1985, and has one son, Lee. Graham is The Matchmakers manager. In the 1990s she moved into poetry reciting - on radio for Len Somerville and in nursing homes as part of the Jeff Nicholls 'Celebration' Group. In 1996 she teamed up with a professional classical guitarist, Lincoln Brady, to perform a combined poetry and guitar Act based on the sixth-century Greek poet Sappho and an Aboriginal story of the Evening Star. In 1997 she worked with music composer and keyboard player Scott Ellson to perform a collection of poems written by South Australians. LEE COCKS - He was 13 years old when the CD was recorded in 1999. He learnt piano for 7 years under the tuition of Rodney Smith. At 6 he started playing the piano at nursing home concerts as part of the Jeff Nicholls 'Celebration' Group. In 1996 he won a 2-year music scholarship at Cabra Dominican College and has played solo piano performances at College events. He played electronic keyboard in the College Band and was also a member of the College Percussion Ensemble. THE POETS: ANNA BROOKS writes poetry and short stories. She co-edited Friendly Street Poetry Anthology 19. A collection of her poems was published in Friendly Street New Poets 2. CYNTHIA BUTLER (nee Piromalli) - writes fiction and poetry and works as a promotions assistant for a major newspaper company. She resides in Canberra with her husband, Matt, and two children. KARL CAMERON-JACKSON lives in a seaside suburb of Adelaide. He had a series of heart attacks in the 1970s and retired in 1997 to write poems and novels. Karl won first prize in a Short Story competition and has a book of poems under review in the USA. MARY CERAVOLO is a young Italian-Australian poet and painter. Her works have been published in NuovoPaese, Southerly, Poetrix, Muse, Spindrift, Alitra, Iolion, Convivio and New England Review. She is resident in a northern suburb of Adelaide. DAVID COOKSON has had a number of poems and short stories published in South Australia and Interstate. He lives in one of the southern seaside suburbs of Adelaide. RORY HARRIS resides in a western seaside suburb of Adelaide. His poetry includes 'over the outrow', 'from the residence', 'snapshots from a moving train', '16 poems', 'Uncle Jack & other poems' and 'waterline'. He has co-written and edited a series of poetry textbooks for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English. DEB MATTHEWS, a South Australian writer and editor, lives in one of Adelaide's southern suburbs. She found love and married in 1999. She has many interests. MALACHY O'REILLY and his family migrated to Australia from Ireland in 1983 and settled in one of Adelaide's seaside suburbs. A great lover of Folk and Ballads, he can be seen performing at Adelaide's Irish Folk venues with the group 'Ceol Maith'. GLENN SHANNON is an internationally published poet with merits in local anthologies. Glenn resides in the Southern Vales, raising two sons and studying behavioral science. His words reflect images of the love he nurtures inside. LEN SOMERVILLE is well known for his weekly poems on Adelaide's radio station 5AA. He has published two books of poetry; the most recent being 'Through the Eyes of Radio' in 1997. He lives at Exeter near the sea. THE MUSIC COMPOSERS: SIMON KING was taught his first piano lesson by his mother. He studied commercial music and eventually Jazz at the University of Adelaide. He has played in many styles of Bands and in 1998 he started his own business - Simon King Music for Schools. DEANNA DJURIC has worked with some of Adelaide's best musicians and is the resident pianist at the Hilton International. Besides having her own business, The Music Way, she also works for Kassai Music Productions and Don Moir & Associates.

1.1 Introduction (Karl Cameron-Jackson / Simon King)
1.2 That Day (Anna Brooks / Simon King)
1.3 The Miracle of You (Karl Cameron-Jackson / Simon King)
1.4 Questions (David Cookson / Simon King)
1.5 Boxes (David Cookson / Simon King)
1.6 I Wake Up (Karl Cameron-Jackson / Simon King)
1.7 I Find You (Cynthia Butler / Simon King)
1.8 Words for Dad (Len Somerville / Deanna Djuric)
1.9 Your Eyes (Mary Ceravolo / Simon King)
1.10 The Voice (Deb Matthews / Simon King)
1.11 For Hazel (Rory Harris / Simon King)
1.12 The New Year (Anna Brooks / Deanna Djuric)
1.13 Departure (Anna Brooks / Deanna Djuric)
1.14 Let Love Shine in (Glenn Shannon / Deanna Djuric)
1.15 Peas in a Pod (Malachy O'Reilly / Simon King)

The Matchmakers: Words of Love

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