The Maynard Brothers Band: Nasty Packages

The Maynard Brothers Band: Nasty Packages
Title: Nasty Packages
Label: CD Baby

:: ------- Latest News ------- :: The Maynard Brothers Band latest CD, 'Honeymoon In Meatland' is done and on it's here at CDBaby. :: ---------------- :: Check out the below review by Tom Branson, BluesRockers April, 2003 'I began a couple or three years ago to hear recordings that I categorized to my readers as 'American rock' music. The recordings that loosely fit into this category were those that contained portions of numerous genres, including blues, folk, southern and classic rock, all melted into a most delightful casserole. This new style of music has been particularly gratifying to these old ears, which have managed somehow to survive boy bands, rap, and disco. One of my favorite artists of this type are the New York based Maynard Brothers. With the release of their second CD 'Nasty Packages', the lads have managed early in their career to do something that few other bands seem capable of accomplishing: they have managed to follow an excellent debut recording with an even better second effort. No sophomore jinx for the highly talented Maynards, as 'Nasty Packages' artistically eclipses their self titled debut recording. It is, as was the first, a mixture of acoustic and electric rock and blues, all either partly or totally emanating from the pen of guitarist Erv Maynard, who is beginning to establish himself as one of the better song writers of this generation. Brother Jeff again adds both bass guitar and even better quality vocals than on their fine debut set. Drummer Harold Reiser returns along with new comer and long time friend Gary Bracjewski on second guitar to improve an already formidable line up. The set begins with a 'Peter Gunn' sounding intro, which gives way to the hard driving and very cleverly written 'Don't Mind Livin' Alone'. A jazzy 'Some Days You Burn' is next, followed by an the acoustic title track which is absolutely haunting. Though lyrically a bit on the dark side, it is a tremendous showcase of both Erv's enormous talents as a writer and Jeff's splendid vocals. But it is the next track, a Texas rocking 'Sad But True' that will probably get the most attention of most listeners. Songs like this one, the pulse pounding 'Waitin' On A Bone', the slow blues burner 'Leave Me With Something Baby', and the Hendrix like 'Drifting Away' are going to help gain the Maynard Brothers many fans worldwide, including this reviewer, who finds their work among some of the very best available today.' :: ---------------- :: Thanks Tom! Anyway, it's been another great ride on the MBB express. I'm proud of what we achieved here. It was great fun making this CD. I love the musical aroma emanating from our little musical gift to you .. this Nasty Package. The Maynard Brothers Band hopes you enjoy it!

1.1 Don't Mind Livin' Alone
1.2 Some Days You Burn
1.3 Nasty Packages
1.4 Sad But True
1.5 Waitin' Such Awhile
1.6 Ludmilla's Wedding
1.7 Waitin' on a Bone
1.8 Leave Me with Something Baby
1.9 Drifting Back
1.10 Song for Allison

The Maynard Brothers Band: Nasty Packages

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