The Meatmen

The Meatmen: War of the Superbikes

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Artist: The Meatmen

Artist: The Meatmen
Title: War of the Superbikes

Originally issued in 1985, "War of the Superbikes" featured Lyle Preslar and Brian Baker from Minor Threat and Graham McCulloch from Negative Approach along with Tesco Vee. The LP heralded a new hard rockin' departure from the band's earlier rude and crude.

1.1 War of the Superbikes
1.2 ABBA, God and Me
1.3 Pillar of Sodom
1.4 What's This Shit Called Love?
1.5 Punker-Ama
1.6 Razamanaz - the Meatmen, Nazareth
1.7 Kisses in the Sunset
1.8 Cadaver Class
1.9 Pain Principal
1.10 Morrisey Must Die
1.11 Blowjobs Ain't Cheatin'
1.12 Plague Upon the Earth
1.13 Stud
1.14 Fast Food Fist F*?%
1.15 Evil in a League with Satan
1.16 We Hate This Riff
1.17 Slow Boy
1.18 Faster Louder
1.19 Caucasian Guilt

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