The Mel Davians

The Mel Davians: Farewell Arigemon

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Artist: The Mel Davians

Artist: The Mel Davians
Title: Farewell Arigemon

Pianist Dave Fox enjoyed playing gigs with vocalist Melissa Reaves so much that he decided to write an album's worth of material for her to record. With the help of expert guitarist Scott Sawyer, they worked on the disc from February 2010 until August 2011. Along the way theyr were helped by fellow 'honorary' Meldavians Joey Barnes, Matt Kendrick, Damon Brown, Dan davis, Scott Warren, and back-up singers Walrus (Ray Loughrain), Marcus Horth, and Allison King. The album is titled Farewell Arigemon. Arigemon is the country the people of Meld fled from when they founded their beloved Meldavia. (All of this action occurred on the planet Teronus, in the Lindsery Gaglaxy. It is documented in the book series The Illustrated Tales of Meldavia, authored by Fox and illustrated by Emet Williams.) The music is very New-Orleans influenced, with heavy doses of pop, rock, and jam aesthetics. It is unlike anything else because it is from, well, Meldavia. Produced by the dynamic production team of Fox/Plymale, the recording was done entirely at Overdub Lane in Durham, North Carolina. Which means you will hear plenty of piano, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, and Hammond B-3. And, as some have said, catchy pop melodies.

1.1 Who Is the Better
1.2 On the Lawn
1.3 Eleven Hundred Years
1.4 Have You Ever Made a Movie?
1.5 You Better Never Mess Around
1.6 New Rock Song
1.7 A Lot Less Philosophy
1.8 The Burning of Oliste's Palace
1.9 Turn Back the Hands of Time
1.10 Dance of the Milleners
1.11 I Remember You
1.12 Farewell Arigemon

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