The Michael Treni Big Band: Pop-Culture Blues

The Michael Treni Big Band: Pop-Culture Blues
Title: Pop-Culture Blues
Label: CD Baby

Today, the embracing of tradition in popular music is rare, but when it comes to the blues, it's practitioners understand the importance of preserving it's legacy through their own work. The same is true in jazz where musicians strive to preserve the genre's heritage even as they seek to innovate. This is particularly apparent when it comes to the use of the blues in jazz. There have been many modifications to the Blues form over the years contributed by jazz players and composers alike. Roger Kimball, writing on the legacy of Hilton Kramer, one of the founders of the literary magazine, The New Criterion, observes that "Tradition is not the enemy, but the indispensable handmaiden of originality and lasting cultural achievement". One aspect of Pop-Culture is that in order to find consensual acceptance throughout the mainstream it has become fashionable to dismiss much of the traditions and standards of the past. In the arts, music, film, and literature there seem to be an attitude that previous forms and techniques are not only passé, but are to be avoided. This is especially true in music where musicians often say they must disavow the past in order to move the art-form forward. Is this the reason, or is it because, in their rush to seek stardom and celebrity status, many of today's musicians feel it takes too much time and trouble to assimilate and master the prior art? Pop-Culture Blues is a Suite in 10 parts that presents the development of the blues within the jazz idiom by utilizing the changing compositional styles prevalent from the late 1950s to today. The goal of the composer is to present the most important variations of the form in both technical and stylistic terms, though there are certainly many more variations possible than the ones contained on this recording. The complete work presents a logical and inclusive progression from traditional to contemporary blues, in so far as the composer is inclined and his craft is capable. Each movement was written to reflect the compositional style (at least in spirit) of an influential jazz composer or band leader of that period. Review Excerpts "Entertaining, inventive and wildly addictive." "Fun stuff that never let's you down and never let's up either." Midwest Records "Truly tremendous!" The Boston Post-Gazette "If your idea of heaven Is the Atomic Basie band, this latest release by Michael Treni is going to be right up your alley." Jazz Weekly 'A sweeping panorama of blues-influenced jazz styles from the past 70 years.' Express Milwaukee "Get clicking on the Internet and order this great CD." The Jassman (South Africa) "Examining the blues in all it's colors, all from a sizzling, steaming big band perspective. " Jazz Society of Oregon "Big-band never died, and as long as artists like Michael [Treni] are on the scene - it never will!" Improvijazzation 'Pop-Culture Blues begs to be played loud and often." Step Tempest.

1.1 One for Duke
1.2 Bqe Blues
1.3 Minor Blues
1.4 Bluesy Bossa
1.5 More Than 12 Blues
1.6 Summer Blues
1.7 Blues in Triplicate
1.8 Mr. Funky Blues
1.9 Smokin' Blues
1.10 Pop-Culture Blues

The Michael Treni Big Band: Pop-Culture Blues

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